Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cell phone etiquette poster for your school or classroom

If your school or classroom has updated outdated practices and policies and you are empowering students with the freedom to learn with the tools they own and love, then it is important to discuss responsible use.  This poster below does a nice job of bring up important etiquette tips when it comes to using communication devices.  Is there anything you disagree with? Anything missing?

Cell Phone Etiquette
Via: Cell Phones

Want ideas for using cell phones for learning? Check out Teaching Generation Text: Using Cell Phones to Enhance Learning.


  1. For the most part, I like this poster. I'm not sure why the kid section needs to be on there like that. Most of those guidelines apply to everyone, not just kids.

    If you were going to use it in a classroom, I'm not sure you really want the martini glasses in #2 on there. And just for constructive criticism, I'd love for #14 to show a person talking loudly on the phone in a restaurant, with patrons at the nearby tables plugging their ears! ;)

    Thanks for sharing this, Lisa!

  2. The poster is recommended but unfortunately a little complicated for anyone, especially kids, to read it all and grasp the messages. Why not let a toy or cartoon character that everyone recognizes be the 'educator' in the poster? Quite costly but it's the ongoing role model fad. Thanks for sharing!

    Child Safe House

  3. I needed that, as bad as that sounds its great I am hearing those things and realize what I do right and wrong when it comes the cell phone etiquette. I am going to have to practice on some of these, its hard to break old habits. I remember going into the cell phone store Ottawa and thinking this phone will work perfect for this and that and really its just making my manners worse. Wish me luck here I go!