Monday, September 24, 2012

Reflect on Education Nation’s Student Town Hall During Tonight’s Student Voice Webinar

"When the student voice awakens, the national conversation will change." -Diane Ravitch

Viewers of Education Nation’s Student Town Hall watched students from across the country attend and speak up to share their ideas. Tonight during a special webinar, participants will have a chance to connect with those who attended the conference to respond to and discuss their perspectives and solutions to the issues explored at the event.

You can join students, parents, teachers and others to reflect upon and discuss what happened during NBC’s Education Nation Student Town Hall today, September 24 at 9 pm EST. The webinar will give participants the opportunity to reflect on the Town Hall and discuss what can be done to enhance and empower the student voice nationwide.

Participants will have an opportunity to engage in a stimulating dialogue where they can respond to the panelists’ remarks and discuss how we can continue to elevate the student voice in our communities and on a national stage.

This personalized, solutions-driven webinar will provide a platform for students, parents, educators, and anyone interested to unite in a collaborative effort to not only give students a voice, but also a seat at the table in education policy discussions.

Be a part of the solution and join this webinar on Monday evening from 9 pm to 10 pm EST. You can participate by visiting this link.  

Student Voice
Student Voice is a grassroots organization that works to unite and elevate the student voice. This support network serves to aid and empower students in their efforts to be heard and earn their rightful seat at the table.

Keep the conversation going.
You can keep the conversation going with #StuVoice chats (hosted by on Mondays at 8:30 EST, with weekly topics that focus on enhancing and empowering the student voice nationwide.

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