Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Five ways to connect with parents using Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere provides a terrific way to capture the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of parents. Simply set up a multiple choice or free response poll, text parents the code, and have them text in their answers like they do on shows like American Idol.

Poll Everywhere provides a quick and easy way to give parents a voice and a vote.  Some ideas for using it include the following.

  • 1) Back-to-School engagement
  • Eric Sheninger, principal of New Milford High School in New Jersey suggests using Poll Everywhere during back to school nights. He says it’s a great way to elicit feedback during budget presentations, or to secure real-time input on school initiatives.
  • 2) Quizzes Laura Spencer, an instructional technology coordinator for a K-8 school district in San Diego suggests using Poll Everywhere to 'quiz' parents on topics taught in school. Students enjoy comparing their responses to their parents.
  • 3) Satisfaction surveys Maine school board member Lisa Cooley suggests using Poll Everywhere to find out parent opinion on a recent school event, a new facility, the holiday homework, or a new curriculum.
  • 4) Anonymous voting Ever have meetings where parent votes need to be collected and documented?  Poll Everywhere can be a great tool to instantly get and share responses.  
  • 5) Collect important student / parent data Ever wonder how much homework kids are getting a night, how long parents spend helping their children with schoolwork, or how many hours students are sleeping each night? Massachusetts ed tech specialist Tracy Sockalosky suggests collecting such information by using Poll Everywhere to send out a poll and find out! Not only is this a great way to collect information, but it’s also a terrific discussion starter as well as a tool to determine areas of concern.

Want to know how Poll Everywhere works? Watch this video.
Introducing Poll Everywhere from Poll Everywhere on Vimeo.

For more information visit Free classroom response system with Poll Everywhere


  1. This is great I can see all sorts of uses for this. Thank you!

  2. I love poll everywhere! We learned about it in a college course! Would you be able to provide anymore ideas on how to use it? I can only think of the ways that you have posted!

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  4. We (teachers, administrators, parents and students) could work collaboratively to develop instant polls that could be used in real time to measure student and parent engagement.These variables are more important than the standardized test scores that RTTT advocates for measuring everything about schools.