Thursday, March 14, 2013

Can social media combat the issue of educator isolation?

Feelings of isolation occur with some regularity among educators, especially those who teach in specialty areas and/or small schools. Teachers spend much of their day separated from peers in classrooms that can become silos. However, technology is providing new ways for teachers to connect with peers both near and far.

This is part two of the show on this topic. In part one we 
invited listeners to join BAM radio's Rae Pica for a discussion about overcoming isolation by building a personal learning network which you can listen to here. 

In this show we walk listeners through the process of getting connected starting with the 5 C's of building your personal learning network moving to a discussion of what that looks like in practice.

Joining Pica are four innovative educators. They are:
  • Rob Mancabelli is co-author of Personal Learning Networks: Using the Power of Connections to Transform Education.
  • Nicholas Provenzano is a high school English teacher who is passionate about integrating technology into the classroom.
  • Erin Klein is a second grade teacher who has her Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction and is the technology co-chairperson for the Michigan Reading Association.
  • Lisa Nielsen (that's me!) is a seasoned public school educator and administrator and author of the book Teaching Generation Text.
You can listen to the program on the BAM radio site here!. You can also listen to it in iTunes (click here)

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  1. Hey Lisa! I found your post via Angela M. on Twitter (love her)! I have a new "dare" for teachers on my website. It challenges teachers to do one thing a day (for 14 days) to connect with a student in their class. Here is the cool thing - and how I think it relates to this post. Teachers can do this as a building or grade level and connect with each other as they are participating in this dare. They can share stories, laugh with one another, and encourage. Another way to use technology to combat the isolation. Just thought I'd mention it! Be blessed in all that you do today Lisa ;)