Sunday, March 10, 2013

John Stossel hated school. Investigates unschooling.

In case you missed it, last week, John Stossel did a segment on unschooling as part of his “Education Blob” special.  In the segment he pointed out that the number of homeschoolers is on the rise nationally, a whopping 75% since 1999. This puts the number of homeschoolers in the nation about equal to those attending charter schools. He shares that the number of families that homeschool today for religious purposes is on the decline as the choice today is more likely to be the result of dissatisfaction with the government schooling system.  He informed viewers that compared to publicly schooled kids, more homeschoolers go to college and once there they do better than the other kids in college.

He brought an unschooled (a form of homeschooling) youth and a parent to the show to discuss how this option works. He asked, "What would happened if children wanted to veg all day?" He also shared that like many students, he hated school and if he had the choice he would have just watched TV all day.  Considering that his profession ended up being that of a TV personality, his instincts to do so, may not have been off!

In this segment Amy Milstein (unschooling parent) and Jude Steffers-Wilson (unschooler) explain to Stossel and his viewers how learning through life works. Why if given the choice “vegging” gets old quickly, and why homeschooled kids are so well socialized as opposed to schooled kids who are forced in an unnatural setting of being segregated by age in a room all day with 30 others of someone else’s choosing.  

You can check out the segment below.