Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What's your digital footprint? Take this quiz and find out!

I developed this quiz with members of my personal learning network (found at end of post) to get students thinking about their digital footprint. The quiz was created at the request of high school students I spoke with who thought the creation of a such a quiz could lead to a smart conversation about ways students can update their digital footprint so that it is one that leads to college and career success.

Check it out with your students and let me know how it goes in the comments below. 

Per popular request, here is a link to the digital version of the quiz. Upon completion, quiz takers will receive a score.  

How’d you do?

Negative Score: Clean up time
Congratulations for knowing how to create a footprint. Your next step is to clean up your image to get on track for college and career success.

No Score: You’re off the radar 
You’re a digital unknown or “digitally anonymous.” As you consider the benefits or disadvantages this can have in your academic and career pursuits, you’ll want to be deliberate in your decision about whether or not you want to keep it that way.

1 - 10 points: You’re a New “Foot” on the Block
You are at the beginning of your journey. Plan it well.

11 - 15 points: You’re Making Strides
You are moving in the right direction. Keep going.

16 - 20 points: You’re a Rising star! (or “Digital Weaver”)
You are developing a positive digital footprint. Keep working on it and you’ll move up in no time.

More than 20 points: You’re Web Wise!
You have curated a strong digital footprint. Keep it up!


Special thanks to the following contributors:
  • Pat Parslow - Teaching Fellow and Digital Identity researcher, @PatParslow
  • Kelli Etheredge (and her students) - World Lit & Mentor teacher, Teaching & Learning Resources Director, @Ketheredge


  1. You posted an erroneous Twitter handle for me. It should be @devenkblack not @devenblack.

    1. that will not help your digital footprint score at all :)