Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Use social media to shine on school quality reviews

Not only is use of social media good classroom practice, but in places that have quality reviews (an assessment and evaluation system for schools), engaging parents with social media will help schools shine.

School quality reviews are used as evaluation tools in places such as England, Wales, and New Zealand and have recently made their way to the United States in places like New York City. Quality reviews are generally customized to a particular district, but one thing they all have in common is placing a value on the home and school connection.  

Here are some key areas that social media can be used to help schools engage families and do well on the school quality review.
  • Align family outreach and supports that maintain a culture of mutual trust and positive attitudes.
  • Communicate expectations connected to a path for college and career readiness and successfully partner with families to support student progress toward those expectations.
  • Establish a vision that is shared with and understood by the entire school community
  • School leaders effectively involve and communicate with the school community.

Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, livestreaming, and video all provide a great way to interact with families in meeting these quality review indicators. For ideas on how read 6 ways to use social media to connect with parents.

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