Sunday, December 15, 2013

3 Step plan for a digital makeover

Who controls your online identity? Google or you?

If your answer is Google, it's time to take control with this three step plan.

Step 1) Analyze your digital footprint.
Know what the internet says about you.  Think about what you like and what you'd like to change.

Step 2) Determine a headline. i.e. Passionate about real and relevant learning.
Who do you want to be known as on the internet? Think of this in the context of a headline. This is important because who you are, your brand, is what you'll use to update your image.

Step 3) Update your digital image.
Create your digital resume, profiles, images, and clean up anything you don't want out there using the sites below.

Once you've updated your image, be patient. Change won't happen over night. Think of it as your digital diet. It takes a little while to the see the fruits of your labor.  It also requires maintenance.  If you've followed these three steps however, in about 30 days, you'll be rewarded with an online presence that puts your best footprint forward.

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