Wednesday, December 4, 2013

8 Free + Authentic Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

I'm often asked how to get more Twitter followers.  Here are some simple strategi
es that worked for me when it comes to either getting followers or following others. 

  1. Reply to a Tweet someone's Tweet with useful info i.e. a link.
    They will appreciate the time you took and likely follow you as a result.
  2. Thoughtfully participate in an education Twitter chat. If you contribute thoughtful content to a Twitter chat participants will notice and it is likely that some of those people will reward you with a follow.
  3. Get to know influencers and tag them as it is relevant.
    Follow hashtags of topics you are interested in and see who the people who are top Tweeters are.  If you have information they may find relevant to may be able to help with, tag them. They are likely to follow you afterwards.
  4. Put your Twitter handle in your email signature
    Let people know how to find you on Twitter.  Include your handle in your email signature.
  5. Put your Twitter handle in your online spaces i.e. website, blog, wiki.
    Don't forget to let people know how they can follow you in your online spaces. Give viewers a link.
  6. Suggest folks in a #FF (Follow Friday) or #TT (Teacher Tuesday) and say why.
    Don't just post names of Tweeps to follow.  Draw others in with what they'll learn if they do so.
  7. Retweet (RT) Modified Tweet (MT)
    See a Tweet you like?  Share it. The Tweeter may show his/her appreciation with a follow.
  8. Favorite the Tweets that interest you
    The Tweeter will know what you did. As your name becomes more familiar, you increase the chances of being followed.
These are some ideas to keep mind. Which have worked for you? What is missing?

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