Sunday, September 7, 2014

5 Innovative Ideas for Students to Give + Get Help As They're #BacktoSchool with @Fiverr

Fiverr is a hot new resource that is catching on like wildfire with innovative educators. But it shouldn’t end there. Back-to-school is a great time to think about what this could mean for your students! If you don’t know, Fiverr is known as, “The place for people to offer services starting at $5.” The services (called Gigs) are generally provided by freelancers who love what they do and want to share and spread their passion.

On Fiverr you can buy and sell Gigs in areas such as illustrating, writing, creating logos, designing business cards, and recording voiceovers. But it’s not just for grown-ups. Starting at just five bucks, Fiverr is also an innovative resource for students.  
Here are five ways Fiverr can help your students:
Get A Leg Up On Language
  • Get Help:
    • Have students struggling in a language course? Maybe they are finding Chinese challenging? Perhaps they need a little extra assistance studying for that French exam? No more paying for expensive tutors or participating in a ho-hum after-school program. Students can take their linguistic talents up a notch by getting help from a native-language speaker with Fiverr.  
  • Give Help:
    • Maybe you or one of your students is bilingual. Think about what services they might offer to other students, their teachers, or even parents!
Proofread That Paper
  • Get Help:
    • Tired of reading error-filled papers from students? Students can have a writing professional on Fiverr proofread their work before handing it in, and why not? Anyone who knows the writing industry realizes that behind every good writer is a great editor. Learning to work with an editor is a valuable skill. Before your students turn in assignments, they can have it proofed and deliver high-quality work.
  • Give Help:
    • Maybe you are a great proofreader. Get paid. Have students who have a proofreading talent? Suggest they offer their services.  
Personalize Your Gear
  • Get Help:
    • It’s always nice to show off your individuality in the classroom and some Gigs give you the opportunity to do just that. Your students will know that you’re “with it” when they see you using a one of a kind notebook designed just for you. Want your assignments to stand out from other teachers’? Commission a custom logo to put at the top. Show off your uniqueness by taking advantage of specialized services.
  • Give Help:
    • Teachers aren’t the only ones who want to be cool. Students do too. Know the cool kid in school? Maybe she can get paid for her talent by offering her services to spice up a binder or bedazzle a smartphone.  
Research, Research, Research
  • Get Help:
    • For some students, spending hours researching is the most tedious part of any assignment. On Fiverr, there are people who LOVE researching topics they’re passionate about – and they’re pros. Teach your students how to do what the professionals do. Have someone do your research so you can get to the writing faster.  
  • Give Help:
    • Great teachers know their students’ passions. Let your budding researchers know that they can share their expertise on Fiverr.
Make Your Students’ Music Known
  • Get Help:
    • One teacher is never enough in a class musicians. With Fiverr it doesn’t have to be. Let students connect with working musicians to sing songs they compose, play music to a song they have written and more. Fiverr has loads of talented people in the music industry, not only singers, but also managers and promoters who can provide insight from a different perspective.
  • Give Help:
    • Have a student who is a talented singer or muscian? Recommend Fiverr as a way for him or her to earn extra money. It’s a great way to make extra cash while also getting your work out there.
Back-to-school is often filled with some anxiousness and anxiety. Help relieve some of the stress with this fun and useful resource that will help your students succeed not only in the classroom, but also in the real world.

Safety Note: If you are making these suggestions to your students, make sure parents are notified first and are involved in the process of their child engaging on Fiverr.

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