Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Teachers Get Your Tech On with PBS Learning Media

As innovative educators settle into the new school year, it's not just new students they see. There's also a new crop of devices, apps, and games about which students are excited. That excitement shouldn't end in the classroom.  

PBS LearningMedia, offers tens of thousands of free resources like videos, images, lesson plans, and professional development tools. And they’ve released some fun new ones just in time for the school year, in a collection they’re calling “Get Your Tech On.” 

Here are just 3 ways “Get Your Tech On” can help as you prepare for a tech-filled school year.

1) Get Social
Overwhelmed by social media? Find free info and how-to tutorials for teachers and students on using digital tools, including how to create use Tumblr, design infographics, build a Prezi, record a Vine, and more.

2) Get Resources 
Join the free webinar “Transform Your Classroom: Digital Resources You Can Use Tomorrow” on September 17 at 6pm EST to hear teachers discuss how they are using digital media to inspire their teaching and personalize the learning experiences for their students. If you can’t make it that day, don’t worry -- PBS LearningMedia will host three additional webinars during Get Your Tech On.

3) Get Devices
Need the device itself? Enter the Get Your Tech On sweepstakes for a chance to win tablets for your entire classroom. One educator per week will win a tablet and the grand prize winner will win 30 tablets for their classroom.

Even the most tech-savvy teachers need help navigating this constantly changing landscape. These resources can help you do just that and it doesn't end there.  Connect with others who are integrating PBS Learning Media tools here. And who couldn't use a new tablet (or 30!)? Remember, “Get Your Tech On” is live through November 30. Just visit to access the free content, register for the webinars, enter the sweepstakes, and more.

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