Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Language Matters. Stop "Forcing." Start "Inspiring."

Language matters. If we want to do what is best for young people and teachers we need to consider language.

Consider these questions: 
  • My daughter is falling behind in reading. How do I "force" her to read more?
  • How do I "make" my students understand that it's okay to not know something?
Or these statements:
  • We have to "force" teachers to use/do [new program of the day].
  • Fostering student voice means "forcing" them to be certain as they assert their ideas. 

No one likes to be "made" or "forced." Instead, show, inspire, support, encourage, discuss. Or...read a book about that which you are hoping to instill or achieve.  

You may be reading this and thinking that you and/or your peers/friends don't use such language, but you may be surprised. Be on the lookout for yourself and others and rethink, restate, and reconsider. You and the person you are talking to will be happy you did. 

What examples of you seen of these words being used?  Is this something you or someone you know might need to work on?

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