Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tech Requirements When Innovative Educators Present

Innovative educators are sharers of their craft. As such they present a lot. When they do, they’re asked to share their tech requirements. It’s surprising that this is still a question as needs are standard. If you present or if you arrange for presenters, below is your list.  

  1. Computer
  • High speed and less than three years old
  1. A place to project
  • A modern projector and then make sure you have…
    • Adapters
      • HDMI, Apple and or whatever new device comes along.
      • Find out what the presenting device needs (if they are not using the one at the facility) and get it.
  1. Speakers.
  • I am surprised how often this if forgotten. Presenters usually use sound. Don't ask if they need it. Assume they do and ensure there is sound.
  1. Wired, unfiltered internet.
  • Nothing turns educators off from technology more than not being able to trust they can get to the sites they need.  DO NOT ask them to provide the sites in advance. Just provide an internet connection without filters.
  1. Microphones
  • A lapel microphone for the presenter
  • A wireless microphone (or two) for participants
  1. Computer manipulation
  • Provide a clicker so presenters can manipulate the computer remotely and point to their presentation with a laser pointer.
  • Provide the ability for the presenter to control the computer while presenting.
  • Ask how they prefer the set up. Podium with computer? Clicker?
  1. Proper set up
  • This shouldn’t have to be said, but make sure that the setup is such that the presenter does not have to put their back to the audience. This means the computer screen is placed in a way so the presenter can see it, while looking at the audience. While a wireless presentation clicker is in order, there may also be times the presenter needs access to the keyboard as well.  Ensure it is in reach.  

What do you think? Anything missing? Anything you’d change? Any experiences where something above was missing and it threw off the presentation?

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