Sunday, August 2, 2015

5 Benefits of Using a Hashtag for Events

At our recent NYC Schools Technology Summit, many participants were using our hashtag #NYCSchoolsTech in Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites for the first time. Doing so enabled them to discover the following benefits of placing a simple "#" before a carefully chosen descriptor of "NYCSchoolsTech." 
  1. Being in touch with the buzz that was being generated via the attendees.
  2. Enabling attendees to have conversation with a network of people who shared interests about what they were seeing and hearing.
  3. Providing participants with an additional level of excitement both at the actual event and in the online community.  
  4. Serving as a tool to capture and memorize the day right from those in attendance. 
  5. Bringing a community together and strengthening relationships. 
You can see a recap of the day's Tweets as well as analytics below.

2015 School Technology Summit - Overview
Click the link above to view.

Here are analytics for the day.
See full-size analytics here

We even trended on Twitter!

Wonder how we created such a buzz? Stay-tuned to The Innovative Educator ( to find out "How to Generate Buzz Via Social Media for Your Next Event."

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