Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Your Chance to Win The Only 3 #BacktoSchool Supplies Necessary This Year

When the parents and teachers of today's students prepared for school, they had a long list of supplies and back-breaking book bags. Thank goodness that can be a thing of the past for students today.  

With the exception of Kleenex, nearly everything else on the following back to school list is obsolete and replaced with just three items in the 21st century classroom.

The 3 Back to School Supplies for Today's Learners
The Chromebook Flip is a laptop and a tablet in one device. Type or write. It's up to you. It also comes with a full productivity suite of collaborative apps perfect for schoolwork: Docs, Drawing, Sheets, Slides.  All apps work even when not connected to the internet.  9-hour battery life means you don’t have to worry about a power cord. 
Cost:  $229
Practical and stylish lightweight case with three separate zippered compartments to hold whatever else a student might want to bring to school. Perfect for headphones, tissues, keys, and makeup. 
Cost: $19.99

For those times when you need the internet, but don’t have a connection, use a MiFi.  This one can connect up to five devices. Consider splitting the cost with a few classmates. 
Cost: $59.88 for a device. Data plans range from $10 - $45 per month.

What do you think? Great back to school list? If you agree and want these supplies, submit an essay explaining why these back to school supplies would enrich your learning. I will select one entry to publish on my blog on August 30th and the winner will receive all three items.  
Entry details:
Compose via Google Doc.
Invite as an editor
Title of the document is #BacktoSchool3
Your submission should include:
Your Name
Brief bio (1 sentence)
Post explaining how these supplies would help you learn more effectively
A photo that captures you as a learner

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