Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Hottest Posts Everybody's Tweeting

Making its debut at the top is a post about free Google Apps for Ed training with @Synergyse. At $10 per student, it used to be something unattainable for students in low income neighbors. Now anyone can receive quality in-app learning. After that you can find out what makes a killer school website and you can also read what mistakes to avoid.  With more than 5k views on Twitter, this was one of most popular posts this month. Check it out and see how your school website stacks up.  
After that is a post that looks at three of the largest barriers to learning for students today. They are internet speed, filtering and for the third, you'll have to check out the post. Next up is another post about a new Google slide feature that allows you to make presentations interactive. Rounding out the top is a post on how to gather effective feedback to be more successful at work.

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