Sunday, May 8, 2016

Why Certify? #NYCSchoolsTechChat Insights

This week we had another successful #NYCSchoolsTechChat hosted by +Eileen Lennon.who led a discussion of 79 Tweeps who left more than 1.7 million impressions on those who were following the conversation. You can check out the stats at the end of this post for stat details and read this tip to the success that makes her Twitter chats so wildly popular. 

The chat was comprised of educators who have provided and pursued certifications in educational technology and digital citizenship. If you missed the chat, no need for despair. You can read the recap below to learn what teachers had to say about why they pursue such certifications and how such certifications have benefited their careers.  Even though the chat is over, you can still jump in and reply to a Tweet or answer a question to share your ideas using #NYCSchoolsTechChat.

Check out the chat stats below.

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