Sunday, December 11, 2016

Choosing the Right #EdTech Resources: Consideration 4

Platforms, and standards, and subjects, oh my!

Choosing the right digital resources to meet your goals used to be a daunting task.

Fortunately, those days are in the past. Today, there is a whole army of people out there figuring out the best tools to meet learning needs with the resources you have available to your students. You can access that army by visiting Common Sense Education’s Ratings & Reviews.

You can search in so many ways: subject, standard, platform, grade, price, skill, and/or purpose. Once you find a digital resource that you want to consider, you can read the ratings and reviews from real teachers who’ve used it.  

Once you’ve tried it yourself, you can write a review too.

This is part of a series in my conversation with author and professor Liz Kolb, who is teaching a course at the University of Michigan that addresses ways technology supports modern teaching and learning. Stay tuned on The Innovative Educator blog for the additional considerations in future posts. For a recap of all ten considerations visit

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