Sunday, March 24, 2019

Innovative Tips to Share with Parents in a Minute from @WNETeducation

Innovative educators know the importance of family outreach. They also understand that to build a strong relationship with parents, there needs to be plenty of positive and useful contact made for busy families.

To help with that WNET Education has created Parenting Minutes. These short videos focus on key topics related to early childhood learning and raising children. Each video page contains shareable tips and facts, as well as links to more FREE resources and information. 

Screenshot of the parenting minute website. Shows topics like routines and healthy snacks. Also shows that the tips are available in these languages: ENGLISH, ESPAƑOL, BENGALI, CHINESE

Here are some of the topics:
  • Readiness Check: Find out about the Learning Heroes program. Here parents can have their children answer about five questions to find out if the are ready for their grade level. If they're not, they can receive some fun, free activities to help children learn at home.
  • Routines: This video provides information about the importance of establishing a schedule at home with daily routines.
  • Healthy Snacks: This video talks about how parents and caregivers can help children eat healthier.  Eating healthy snacks keeps kids strong which means fewer sick days and a stronger mind. 
There are currently 12 videos which makes them perfect to send out with a monthly text or newsletter home to families.  

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