Saturday, April 25, 2020

Prom, Dances, School Celebrations: Ideas When #RemoteLearning

How do you have a prom or other school celebrations in a time of social distancing? Students, staff, and families across the nation are getting innovative.

Ideas from across the nation

You can check out what some students are doing in the stories below.

Virtual celebrity prom

And, then there is John Krasinski's "Some Good News" on YouTube. He conducted a virtual prom for students featuring artists like the Jonas Brothers and Billie Eilish.

Some high schools are bringing Krasinski's idea to their school. In Colorado a high school announced that it will be hosting a virtual prom, and the local news station plans to broadcast the stream.

Getting started

Not sure how to get started with your school celebration? 
Seventeen magazine provides a guide that takes you through all the steps of hosting a virtual prom with lots of options, including:
  • Picking a video conferencing platform
    • Facebook, Meet, Zoom, Houseparty
  • Transforming your space
    • Festive background
    • Mood lighting
    • Fun themes
    • Tasty snacks
  • How to go glam
    • The Outfit
    • Accessories
    • Hair
    • Makeup
    • Nails
  • Elements of a virtual prom party
    • Playlist
    • IG Photo-op
    • TikTok dancing
    • Game time!
  • After party
    • PJ party
    • BFFs gather
    • Movie time
    • Time for beauty

How-to guide

Kapwing resources has put a how-to guide together featuring some additional innovative ideas, including:
  • Create virtual invitations
  • Announce challenges like best dressed, best dancer
  • Use a hashtag
  • Learn a group dance
  • Have a fun competition i.e. hula hoop
  • Have performances from talented students or community members
  • Make a photo collage using a collaborative tool like Kapwing collage maker

Your turn

How are you celebrating school events when it’s not business as usual? Have you engaged in any of the ideas shared here? Anything missing?

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