Monday, March 23, 2009

Facebook Finds – Web Event Calendars, Presentations, Google Talk, 21st Century Libraries, Cells, and “To Friend or Not to Friend on Facebook.”

Here are interesting resources I learned about from my Facebook friends lately that I felt would be of interest to innovative educators.

Posted Links

Classroom 2.0 LIVE!


This calendar shows live web events from the programs, including webcast shows from Classroom 2.0.

--Great calendar with events from all over the edusphere.

Ideas to Inspire


Ideas for interactive and engaging lesson activities in a range of curriculum areas. Contributed by teachers from all around the world.

--I'm always looking for great presentation materials and when I find them add them to Here is one such collection.

State of the Art - Unify the Phone Numbers and All Else Follows -


Google Voice has breathed new life into GrandCentral, a service that lets all your phones respond to one number.

--Very cool technology from Google. Google Voice. not sure how to get this service started though.

A New Learning Tool in the Classroom: Cell Phones at Glick Report


What a day! Between Hasbro, Lego, Starbucks and my following guest, yesterday’s guest list was about as good as it could get. Dr. Irwin Jacobs is the co-founder and chairman of Qualcomm, a legend in the technology world. ...

--Interesting interview with Qualcomm about using cells in the classroom. Thanks for sharing Mike.

The Suffolk Times


Randee Daddona photo Cell phones are a must for busy Mattituck High School seniors (from left) Alex Gamberg, Katie Comando and Tyler Doka. Ms. Comando, a softball player, said she often uses text messaging to communicate with her coaches during down time in class.

--Reading this article about the use of cell phones in school and how it's cheating. Why is it cheating for students to get access to information available to them 24/7??? Schools need to let kids keep their tools and start assessing things that matter and are relevant to them!

A Is for Artwork That Lures Bronx Children to New Libraries -


A foundation has helped build dozens of libraries, some decorated by well-known artists, in schools in poor areas.

--Nice story and couldn't agree more about the importance of environment when it comes to school libraries. Other beautiful school libraries are the Island School and IS 131 in Manhattan.

FriendFeed and Delicious Links

Lots of talk about, “To Friend or Not to Friend Kids/Students.” Hotly contested on both sides. I say, Friend your kids. We need to be in their worlds. They are accountable to adults for their online actions whether they like it or not and who better to role model and interact with them then parents and educators. Read what others are saying below.

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