Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Overview of My Work - What do you think?

In these less than optimal economic times where reorgs, realignments, restructuring, and rebudgeting are norm, many Innovative Educators On The Job Hunt are being forced to rethink what it is they do and what they have to offer prospective employers. As such, I thought it made sense to put together an overview of my work that would make it easy to provide some insight into what it is that I do. I'm sharing this with other innovative educators who might need to do the same in hopes that what I put together might inspire, motivate, or provide ideas for those who also might be thinking about their worth and experience.

If you have any feedback or advice, please share. I'm sure your ideas will be helpful, not only to me, but to anyone reading this post who also may be exploring employment opportunities.


  1. Lisa - Hope you weren't part of layoffs at Dept. of Ed. :(

  2. Technology Teacher (for 09-10)
    Company: Lighthouse Academies
    Job ID#: 78154
    # of Positions: 1
    Posted: 03/16/2009
    Job Type: Full Time
    Location: Bronx Lighthouse Charter School (Bronx, NY)
    Department: Teaching
    Category: Education
    Salary: Commensurate with Experience
    Benefits: Per Board of Trustees policy
    Contact: Jeffrey Tsang

    Job Description:
    Provides direct service to students, consults with other professionals, consults and discusses issues with parents, plans, delivers, and evaluates instructional outcomes, and conducts the research needed to perform the essential functions of the position. The direct instruction is delivered in a classroom, media center, laboratory, and as a field experience. Consultation with parents, other professionals, and agencies may take place outside of the school.

    Essential Functions:
    · Plans and delivers instruction using approved methods for assigned students.
    · Participates in the New Teacher Induction Program.
    · Conducts approved assessments as scheduled.
    · Uses data from assessments to modify curriculum and instruction.
    · Provides corrective feedback to students and re-teaches as necessary to ensure that the students have mastered the objectives.
    · Conducts research, reads professional literature, reflects, in the subject area of the assignment.
    · Communicates with parents.
    · Implements the Lighthouse Academies, Inc. curriculum, which includes the incorporation of the arts in daily instruction.
    · Implements modifications in a student's education plan that is required by an IEP, 504 Plan, bilingual education program and/or federal, state, and municipal laws.
    · Consults with other School staff as necessary to complete the functions of the position.
    · Utilizes preventive discipline methodology with assigned students.
    · Participates in IEP meetings
    · Develops an Individual Professional Development Plan for approval by the school principal.
    · Completes written reports, and assigned administrative tasks related to these functions.

    Bachelors degree, Either a state approved certificate or a state license in the subject area (s) that will be taught, Student teaching or equivalent experience required.
    Knowledge, Ability & Skills: Needs good oral and written skills; the ability to complete research tasks; knowledge of arts-based education models, understanding of the basic principles of explicit instruction and student engagement; mastery of content knowledge in assigned area (s) of instruction as demonstrated by state exam; interpersonal skills ability to work in groups; able to communicate effectively with parents; students and other staff; mastery of assigned subject; knowledge of current practices; knowledge of the system and of the school's mission and goals; knowledge of applicable federal and state regulations and statutes; knowledge of school policy; knowledge of theory and practice of student learning styles. Computer skills including word processing, database, e-mail, spreadsheet and graphics.

    Good Luck & Happy Paddy's Day,

  3. To clarify, the NYC DOE is realigning departments and positions to the priorities of the NYC DOE. This does not translate to layoffs, but rather matching work to priorities, and staff talents to those priorities. Staff is interested in exploring all opportunities that will enable their talents to flourish to make positive impact in education.