Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No Future Left Behind : Peggy Sheehy's Student Video is a Must See!

Check out this video, "No Future Left Behind." This is what education should be! As you watch I invite you to think about what your favorite quote/idea is in the video and share in a comment. My Personal Learning Network colleague sheasmith tweeted his to me: @InnovativeEdu best line in the video: "I can't create my future with the tools of your past."

I am so impressed with the video my Facebook/Twitter friend and Second Life Queen Peggy Sheehy created with her students. My challenge to innovative educators is to use this video as an inspiration for you and your students to create a video. Below is one such challenge you can enter by March 31 2009. If you do create a video for this challenge, or for any reason, comment here to let me know and I'll be sure to feature your video on The Innovative Educator.


  1. I love when students are allowed to produce! I still want Peggy to consult w/NYC!

  2. Thank you for the kind words! I will be passing along all of the feedback to my kids - it is they who deserve the recognition!

  3. I love it!! Truth and inspirational!! Thank you and the students!

  4. Awesome video. One correction on my part: I misquoted the student in my tweet. Student actually says, "I can't create my future with the tools of your past." @ 1:22 minutes

  5. @Fisha, agree! What a great video. I'd love to get some NYC DOE schools doing the same.
    @MaggieMarat, Thanks Peggy so much for working with your kids to create this wonderful and authentic video.
    @Shea Smith, thanks for sharing your favorite quote. It gives others a great point of focus when watching the video. I've updated the quote in the post.