Monday, August 9, 2010

Follow the Leader Who’s a Tweeter

They are few and far between in the Twitosphere, but among all the thousands of educators in my learning network who are tweeting, connecting, interacting, and making meaning, only a handful are principals and a huge BRAVO to them. Whether you’re a tweeting educator trying to convince your principal to tweet or a principal who wonders what it’s all about, the six principals below can help lead the way.

There’s Meat in the Tweet of These 6 Principals
If you are a principal or if you know a principal who wants to start tweeting here are the guys to check out complete with a link to their Twitter account and blog.

Chris Lehmann
Where he leads: Principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, PA (Opened 9/06).
His blog: Practical Theory -A View from the Classroom

Eric Sheninger
Where he leads: Educational administrator responsible for preparing over 650 students in grades 9-12 with essential 21st Century skills that will enable them to be successful, productive members of society.
His blog: A Principal's Reflections

Patrick Larkin (Patrick Larkin)
Where he leads: Patrick Larkin is the Principal at Burlington High School (MA). He is a member of the Commission for Public Secondary Schools at the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). He is also a proud member of the Educator's PLN.
His blog: Burlington H.S. Principal's Blog

Dave Meister
Where he leads: High school director blogs about education, technology, student engagement and things that are happening at Paris Cooperative High School in Illinois.
His blog: PHS Director Blog

George Couros
Where he leads: Principal at a K-12 program in Stony Plain, Alberta.
His blog: The Principal of Change

Deron Durflinger
Where he leads: Where he leads: Secondary Principal, Van Meter Schools Iowa, United States. Passion is for schools to move away from the factory model developed over 100 years ago to a more relevant system for learners of the 21st century.
His blog: #Vanmeter Schools Transforming the Educational System

If you are or know a principal ready to hop on board, here’s how to get started.

5 Steps to Help Leaders Start Tweeting

1. Join twitter
2. Follow each of the following leaders
3. Lurk about and see what they have to say
4. Reply to some of there tweets and let them know you’re a principal too!
5. Make sure you look at your “@” replies and “DMs” (direct messages) to see who’s reaching out to you.

I hope you’ll join these 6 principals who I have no doubt will become inspirational members of your personal learning network. They are leading the way in supporting other pioneering school leaders who believe in moving from old-school leading to preparing our students for the real-world in which they live. If you’d like to join the conversation, they’re out there waiting for you to comment on their personal blogs, connected blog or send them a tweet.


  1. I love this idea Lisa...Patrick Larkin and I were just talking about how we could do this tonight. We both know we could put something together that would be cool and innovative, but what we ultimately want is our students to put something together about their learning this year. Thanks for the challenge! My head is spinning from the possibilities :)

    Thanks again for the mention :)

  2. Great post! Moving from an administrative post to one now where I work with all administrators is really eye-opening. Networking and listening to their challenges, opportunities and movement in their schools is exciting but not everyone has a chance like me to get face-to-face time; so twitter is a GREAT way for administrators and future-admin to grasp info, learn and ask questions. Next week, in my own school division I will be sharing how not only administrators but teachers can join specific twitter groups. I'll share the admin one here: Feel free to share it!