Monday, August 16, 2010

What Does Your School's 21st Century Education Look Like?

I came across this video on Twitter. It's a terrific video about considerations for 21st century education which seems to be based on on Karl Fisch's, "Did You Know?" video. I'm a fan of all versions of Fisch's video, but what struck me about this was the second half where the district provides real examples of experiences their students will receive.

As I saw it I wondered how principals would respond if a parent showed this video to them and asked what they had to offer...or better yet, asked the principal for a video of what it is their school had to offer their children. If the school couldn’t produce a video message to convey what it is they have to offer for students, what does that say about the school. I think this is a challenge all parents should ask their schools to meet.

It would be great if every school created such a video. In fact I'd love to see videos of this genre created under the leadership of these principals.

Chris Lehmann, Principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, PA
Blogs at Practical Theory -A View from the Classroom

Eric Sheninger, Principal of New Milford High School in NJ
Blogs at A Principal's Reflections

Lyn Hilt, Principal of Brecknock Elementary School in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Blogs @

Patrick Larkin, Principal of Burlington High School in MA.
Blogs at Burlington H.S. Principal's Blog

Dave Meister, High School Director at Paris Cooperative High School in Illinois.
Blogs at PHS Director Blog

Janet Avery, Principal of Jerome Middle School in Idaho
Blogs @

George Couros, Principal at a K-12 program in Stony Plain, Alberta
Blogs at The Principal of Change

So, what do you think your school's video might look like?


  1. Great 21st century video! Thank you for sharing these excellent blog resources.


  2. We accept your challenge at PCHS. We will be spending the first semester building our video portfolio to put together our response. GREAT IDEA!

  3. Thanks Lisa,
    Student centred, no report cards or grades, real life learning experiences. . . Bring on the change, everywhere!