Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Strategies to Learn and Share ICT Skills

Peter Kent over at the Practical Interactivity blog suggests this sequence of strategies to learn and share information and communication technology (ICT) skills. This is a great sequence to share with students and teachers to help them access where they are, and where they want to be in acquiring skills with a particular technology.


Learning ICT skills

Sharing ICT skills

Direct modellingStudents acquire new ICT skills through direct modeling, by a teacher or from another student. Students may not be able to articulate why they need the skill.Students have the capacity to demonstrate other students how to undertake an ICT task.
Asking for AssistanceStudents are able to identify the ICT task they are trying to undertake and then specifically ask for assistanceStudents are able to verbalise instructions to others about how to undertake an ICT task.
Developmental ExperimentationBy drawing on previous experiences with technology students are able to browse and ‘wonder about’ parts of a software package and hardware devices with which they are unfamiliar. Through a process of experimentation or ‘having a go’ students gain new ICT skills and a level of familiarity with the technology.Students are able to work within a small group to experiment with unfamiliar software and hardware devices.
Accessing help files / online resourcesStudents are able to purposefully use the Help associated with software programs and searching for online technical documentation and advice relating to specific hardware.Students are able to creating or add to ICT documentation.
Students are able to respond clearly and succinctly to ICT related questions that have been posted online.

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