Friday, October 15, 2010

Change the World - A Class that Should be Added to the Core Curriculum

I just came across this website after a colleague shared her daughter had a related assignment. It shares 101 Ways to Change the World for a variety of audiences and purposes through several books available for free.

101 Ways to Change The World
101 Ways Your Business Can Change The World
101 Ways to Help Planet Earth
101 Ways Your School Can Change The World
101 Ways to Support Our Troops
101 Ways Women Can Change The World
101 Ways Your Church Can Change The World
101 Ways to Change The World for Animals
101 Ways to Show Appreciation to Volunteers
101 Ways Youth Can Change The World

As I took a look at these books, it got me thinking, of all things, this should be a class at the heart of the curriculum and students definitely should be given time each day to change the world. What a great way to get passion-based learning off the ground and in turn start at an early age with guidance on how to make the world a better place.

I'm sure innovative educators and leaders wouldn't have too much trouble figuring out a way to make that happen. In fact, I bet some already are. What can/are you doing with your students to change the world?


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  2. Thanks for sharing this -- I am firm believer that if we all take a piece of the puzzle -- we can make huge changes!