Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Innovative Educator in Edutopia's Home-School Connection Guide

As a new teacher until today my very favorite resource is Edutopia. Not only do I just love the magazine and the nifty kit they sent us teachers, but I LOVED George Lucas's story. Like me he was bored in school and subscribes to the notion that we should Fix Boring Schools, Not Kids Who Are Bored. He shares, “I had to find my own way to learn about topics I was passionate about, as my school days were filled with memorizing isolated names and facts.” Lucas created Edutopia as part of the George Lucas Education Foundation, an organization that chronicles and advocates for innovative practices in K–12 education.

What a treat and honor it is to be included in my favorite resources new "Home-to-School Connections Guide: Tips, Tech Tools, and Strategies for Improving Family-to-School Communication." The new resource guide from Edutopia highlights new solutions for connecting home and school in order to improve student learning and success providing innovative educators with relevant and valuable ideas for how best to strengthen the bonds between schools, families, and communities.

Here’s what’s in the guide
1. Go Where Your Parents Are
2. Welcome Everyone
  • Features my ideas about connecting with parents who are speakers of languages other than English as shared in these articles
3. Being There, Virtually
4. Smart Phones, Smart Schools5. Seize the Media Moment
6. Make Reading a Family Affair
7. Bring the Conversation Home
8. Student-led Parent Conferences
9. Get Families Moving
10. Build Parent Partnerships

You can download your own free guide today by visiting

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