Friday, October 29, 2010

Solutions for Teaching with Cell Phones in the One to Some Environment

Anyone interested in embedding cell phones into the curriculum has heard the argument, but what about the students who don’t have a phone??? Well, you do the same thing as you do when your class doesn’t have enough textbooks. You don’t say, I guess we can’t do our work. We find workarounds. Partner students. Have some extras on hand for those who don’t have. Reach out to the community for support, but don’t use that as an excuse to not innovate instruction. Here are some specific ideas to ensure access for all students.

First develop a plan to work with students who do not own cell phones or did not have plans that allowed unlimited texting and worked to include them in all activities. Below are possible solutions you can incorporate into your plan.

7 Ideas for Teaching in a One-to-Some Environment

  1. Checking out a device from school i.e. laptop, iTouch, cell phone
  2. Connecting with community businesses willing to provide students with afterschool access to technology.
  3. Connecting students with mentors who could ensure students had access to technology.
  4. Partnerships with local library.
  5. Outreach to cell phone providers to donate minutes/equipment for students in need.
  6. Setting a place in the school (i.e. library, lab, classroom) for after school/ before school access to school technology.
  7. Partnering classmates who can share technology.
If you embed student-owned-devices into your learning, and have other ideas, please add to the list.

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