Monday, August 22, 2011

See Me Live Discussing How to Connect School Life to Real Life

I had the pleasure of speaking to thousands of educators from around the world about the importance of connecting school life to real life at the 140 Character Education Conference.  You can see my talk below followed by the presentation I used during my talk.  I hope you will consider sharing my talk and presentation with others.  Both are available for download for free.

My presentation.

Here are the other talks from the conference.

Chris Lehmann -
Jeff Pulver -
Jack Hidary -
David Singer -
Louis Wool -
Rebecca Levey -
Christian Long -
Steven Anderson -
Tom Whitby -
Lisa Nielsen -
Inga Ros -
Patrick Higgins -
Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo  -
Mel Rosenberg  -
Jerome McLeaod -
Danielle Duncan -
Joshua Hendarto -
Daniellee Villa -
Maya Wright -
George Haines -
Don Burton -
Katie McFarland -
Barry Joseph -
Marc Ecko -
Anthony Stover -
Janos Marton -
Michele Haiken -
Adam Bellow -
Shelley Krause -
Michael Federochko -
Niki Kakarla -
Perry Hewitt -
Andrea Genevieve Michnik -
Will Craig -
Dale Stephens -
Barry Schuler -
Lynn Langit -
Samantha Langit -
Eric Sheninger -
Tal Horowitz -
Tom Krieglstein -
Gina Johnston -
Kim Sivick -
Wendy Brawer -
Dr. Green -
John Mikulski -
Donna Murdoch -
Shelly Terrell -
Erik Endress -
Jane Barratt -
Kyra Gaunt -
Mahipal Raythattha -
Deb Eckerling -
Ethan Bodnar -
Kristen Durkin -
Linnea Keys -
Kelly Sutton -
Douglas Crets -
Michael Karnjanaprakorn -
Karen Blumberg -
Ann Leaness -
Meenoo Rami -
Gregory Corbin -
Randee Schneeberg-Pomerantz -
Michael Margolis -


  1. Thank you very much for sharing your presentation, it has been very helpful, and I am already imagining and creating new things to work with my students, based on your words. You are right, one person can make a huge change in the world. It can be one of my students, who knows? but at least, I must give the tools to my students, so they can try.

  2. Bravo! You and the kids you describe are an inspiration. My dream school is a school without classrooms, a school without standardized curricula and tests, a school without bells, a school without teachers, a school without borders. It is a school in which the entire community embraces its youth to learn together, to work together, to experience together to make grow and make good things happen.