Friday, August 5, 2011

Webdoc - Great Tool to Bring Learning to Life Through Multimedia

I discovered at the 140edu conference.  The company did something really cool.  They made a Webdoc of each presenter like the one they created below that features me and my talk.  You can see the others here

What is cool about webdoc is that you can so easily embed or drag and drop all sorts of content / media right onto the page and it is also designed for discussion / conversation that can have media included as well.

Here are some ways I can envision using it in education:

  • Students create passion profiles.
  • Students create "What's Your Genius" profiles of one another and use the discussion to build upon it.
  • Forget textbooks. Create webdocs.
  • Each teacher can have Webdoc that outlines who she is.
  • Classes can make webdocs to celebrate the completion of a unit of study.
  • Schools can use webdocs to organize events. Imagine this webdoc from @ was a school event.  
  • Webdocs as a student learning portfolio.
  • Create a Webdoc to provide an overview of your school as Richard Cassella has done in the following video. You can read his whole explanation here. also has an education page full of ideas.  Check them out here.

Here is a video that shows how to use  How might you use this for learning?

    webdoc in action from webdoc on Vimeo.

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    1. It seems to be a great tool to work with the students.
      I have to create a document for my school, and I think this can be another way to do it. For sure it will be innovative.
      Although, I had some errores trying to create my profile on webdoc. Probably must be a problem with the connection.