Monday, December 10, 2012

Innovative resource to address test anxiety

Here’s an innovative way to help students learn while managing stress and maintaining focus.

While most innovative educators know there are better ways to assess students than tests, for many it has become an inescapable reality.  As those who meditate know, it can help reduce feelings of stress and live happier and more balanced lives.

Bring that to the classroom and you have Educational Meditation! Wild Divine has combined the power of technology (New World) with the best of breathing and relaxation techniques (Old World).

The online resource provides training in mindfulness techniques, including breathing and meditation, to help students manage their feelings of test anxiety, improve focus and concentration, and increase confidence. Teachers can customize the program for students (i.e. skill level, privacy settings) to best meet their needs.

Here’s how it works. Teachers present material and create quizzes on any topic in a way that is relevant to technology-savvy students.  Students complete the work while using breathing and energy to select the correct answer.  The hope is that this will enhance children’s absorption of material and ability to build and sustain testing stamina.

This product might be just the right thing for the student that is struggling with this.