Wednesday, October 5, 2016

#Get2Yes w/Principals During Thursday's #NYCSchoolsTechChat

Learn how to #Get2Yes with your principal during our sixth monthly #NYCSchoolsTechChat taking place tomorrow, Thursday, October 6th at 3:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. During this chat we will have our first special guest. Jason Levy (@Levy_Jason ) will join us to help educators determine what they want from their principals, their current strategies to get there and help them get their principal to say yes. Jason Levy is a former principal who currently serves as an advisor to school leaders. You can read more about him in his LinkedIn profile.

You can prepare for the chat by thinking about answers to these five questions:

  • Q1 Share an idea or decision abt which you successfully encouraged your principal to #Get2Yes #NYCSchoolsTechChat
  • Q2 What strategies worked or didn’t when you’ve tried to #Get2Yes w/your principal #NYCSchoolsTechChat
  • Q3 Share 1 area or idea in which you want your principal to #Get2Yes this year. @Levy_Jason will give feedback. #NYCSchoolsTechChat
  • Q4  It’s time for an AMA with @Levy_Jason Ask him anything abt how to #Get2Yes w/your principal #NYCSchoolsTechChat
  • Q5 Give a shout out by RT, like, or reply to someone who has inspired you to #Get2Yes in today's #NYCSchoolsTechChat
Remember to respond using the hashtag #NYCSchoolsTechChat and question number to which you are responding.

The infographic below was the inspiration for this chat.

The chat can be viewed live and it will be archived at

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