Sunday, November 19, 2017

3 Translation Tools To Address The Language Barrier with Students & Families

Innovative educators with students and families of diverse backgrounds use tech tools that can help overcome the language barrier . To follow are three tech tools teachers can use to facilitate conversations they have with students and families who are not fluent in English.

These tools can support students in connecting with speakers of other languages.

  • Option 1: Educators can send messages in English
    • The receiver will select in which language they would like to receive message on their own device.
  • Option 2: Two people speak into one phone in their own languages
  • Excellent tool during one-on-one meeting with parent/student and during teacher-parent conferences

2) Google Docs Translation
    • Great tool educators can use to translate long written pieces
    • Access at: Google docs - Tools - Translate
    • Effective translation tools for long messages

3) Remind App
    • Offers the opportunity for teachers to connect to students and families in numerous languages.

These ideas were captured at the #NYCSchoolsTech Summit on #DiversityMatters conversation facilitated by Clemencia Acevedo.

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