Sunday, November 26, 2017

New Infographic: The 12 C's To Managing the Modern Classroom

Time off-task. Distractions. These are problems educators new to using technology might face in their classrooms. But used correctly, technology can easily move from a weapon of mass distraction, to a tool of engagement.  

Experienced and talented #NYCSchoolsTech teachers shared their tried and true strategies and the software selections that work in their classrooms. I categorized them and wrote them up into a list. Innovative educator Eileen Lennon took that list and turned it into this infographic.
Innovative educators know that technology is the key to empowering digital learners. These tips and tricks help them do so effectively. What’s your take? Which of these ideas have you tried? Anything new that you’ll consider introducing to your classroom?

PNG Version:

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  1. Here's my adaptation for my school. Thanks for permission to use, Lisa!