Wednesday, November 29, 2017

4 Ways To Support Civil Discourse in Online Spaces

Is it possible to help students engage in civil discourse in social media and other online spaces? That is the topic educators discussed at the #NYCSchoolsTech Summit on #DiversityMatters. 

The verdict?


Civil discourse is possible in online spaces if we work to prepare students to engage responsibly and in a civil manner.  Here are some ways to achieve that.

4 Considerations To Engage in Civil Discourse Online

  1. Consider the Source. Ask:

    • What are the sources?
    • Reliable sources?  
    • Look at data/ statistic - where did information come from?
    • Prep students to give resources for viewpoint.
  2. Consider the Facts

    • Check em.
    • Use em. Even if they do not support your idea.
    • Manipulation of data can support any story.
    • Teach students where to get information.
    • New sources are the starting point - then  look elsewhere(multiple sources are needed).
    • Consumers of information need to challenge/research data & how it is presented.
  3. Consider the Research. Ask:

    • Who is hosting site?
    • Who is writing the story?
  4. Consider Using Information Literacy Skills

    • Presence of misinformation makes people distrust all information.
    • People/youth give up.
    • Combat information illiteracy by ensuring students are prepared with information literacy skills

What do you think? Are some of these ideas ones you have used? Which might you incorporate into your classroom to support civil discourse in online spaces? 

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