Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ideas for Managing the Cell Phone Classroom

As with the use of any technology in the classroom, when using cell phones in the classroom you must have classroom management procedures in place. The nice thing, however, about cell phones is that you don’t have to worry about distribution, collection, storage, imaging , and charging of devices.

Below is a possible classroom management protocol. You’ll want to modify this to your particular classroom needs and discuss with students prior to introducing cell phones into the classroom.
    • Upon entry and departure of class please ensure cell phones are turned off and stored in your backpack.
    • On days when we are using cell phones for learning please ensure they are set to silent.
    • Only use phones for learning purposes related to classwork.
    • When phones are not in use on a day we are using cells for learning place them face down on the upper right side of your desk.
    • If you notice someone in the class using their cell phone inappropriately, remind them to use proper cell phone etiquette.
    • If at any time your teacher feels you are not using your cell phone for class work you will be asked to place your phone in the bin in the front of the room with a post-it indicating your name and class.
      • After the first infraction each month you can collect your phone at the end of class.
      • After the second infraction you can collect your phone at the end of the day.
      • After the third infraction your parent or guardian will be asked to retrieve your phone. If you use the phone inappropriately again during the month your parent or guardian will be required to retrieve your phone.
      • At the beginning of each month, you have a clean slate.
Be open to modifications or suggestions your students may have. They may have some good ideas. Note however, that this should be determined and posted in advance of using cell phones in the classroom. Additionally, if you work with your students to develop this policy, you may find that they build a strong, comprehensive plan for which they will take ownership and be more likely to follow.

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  1. These are some solid strategies for utilizing mobile phones in the classroom without distracting from the lesson. I recently posted my own classroom management strategy on my blog, check it out!