Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hear The Innovative Educator on Passion Driven Learning Panel with Angela Maiers, Amy Sandvold, and George Couros

#PassionDriven Conversations: Guest Blogger – Patrick LarkinI'm excited to join some of the most passionate educators in the world for a second time in a panel moderated by Steve Hargadon as part of the Future of Education Series tonight (Tuesday) to discuss next steps for those who believe passion should drive learning. Passion driven learning is a topic I write about often and it's the topic of co-panelists Angela Maiers and Amy Sandvold's fantastic book, "The Passion-Driven Classroom." Rounding out the panel is the creator of Connected Principals, The Principal of Change (as his blog is called) George Couros.

No one disagrees with the premise or that passion is a factor in both individual and organizational success. We just have a lot of questions about it and this panel has the answers!

Questions like:
* What is passion…really?
* How do you define passion?
* How could/does passion change the game?
* How does passion present itself in your work? life? organization?
* What does it mean for you? our students? your community? clients? the world?
* Can passion be “taught”?
* How is passion different than engagement?
* What conditions are necessary for passion to exist?
* Is passion a necessary or a “nice to have” quality?
* What are the repercussions of being a “passion-less” person or organization?
* Can we quantify passion? If so, how?
* What is misunderstood about passion?
* What can we do to change this? move the conversation forward?
*What are the NEXT ACTION STEPS we as educators can do tomorrow?

These are questions that need to be approached and explored from many angles and this panel of genius minds will come together to provide insights.  

We hope you can join us.  

Registration is Free – PJ’s are Optional
To join, visithttp://tr.im/futureofed
Date: Tue 10 Ma
Time: 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern
Moderated by:  Steve Hargadon
  • Lisa Nielsen
  • Angela Maiers
  • Amy Sandvold
  • George Couros
Hope you can join us and share with your personal learning network too by Tweeting this post (http://bit.ly/jwSiqC) with the hashtag #passiondriven and mentions to @innovativeedu @AngelaMaiers @GeorgeCouros @sandvoldamym @stevehargadon    

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