Monday, May 2, 2011

The Innovative Educator Talks to Parents as Partners about Fixing the School and Not the Child

I'm excited to be joining Parents as Partners on Monday May 2, 2011 at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-4) to talk about my ebook for parentsFix the School Not the Child” which you can download right from my blog. 

I wrote this guide after watching the movie "Race to Nowhere" because I was surprised that the parents featured in the film, whose children were suffering because of school, seemed to feel they were powerless to do anything different.  I thought, wow?  Really?  They just kept subjecting their children to the same thing that was causing them to suffer. I intended to write a blog post in response, but that quickly turned into a twenty page booklet containing 20 ideas for parents who are sick of "Waiting for Superman" and tired of having their children in a "Race to Nowhere."  

To date there are more than 8000 people who have read the guide and have been empowered with ideas to do what is in their children's best interest.  My goal is for parents to share it  far and wide with other parents in their children’s school and, if they have online spaces, I hope they will place it there as a free guide for others.

You can join me in the elluminate room at The chat conversation will be held in this room. If you have a USB headset with microphone you can come to the mic to ask questions.

Link to Parents as Partners webcast:
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The audio only portion of the webcast will be on ustream at
Miss the show? check back for the recording at

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