Thursday, May 26, 2011

Want to be learn how to be a great math teacher? Have a #Mathchat

Twitter takes the cake as the best tool for professional development, self-directed learning and connecting with those who share your passions.  I recently sent a Tweet using the #mathchat hashtag asking math chatters what I should share with preservice teachers about teaching math.  Not only did they share a number of fantastic resources which I've captured here, but when I asked specifically for information about #mathchat (a forum for anyone involved with Mathematics to discuss and share ideas about issues affecting them) @ColinTGraham agreed to write a post to explain to others exactly what it was.  I sent him my explanation of #edchat (a general Twitter chat about education) to show the type of post that might be helpful. Colin Graham did not disappoint.  Just in time for my guest appearance, he wrote a fantastic post which you can visit at What’s it all about #mathchat?

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