Monday, June 13, 2011

5 Reasons Why The Class of 2020 Won't Go to College

Over at Future BloggerAlvis Brigis tells us five reasons he believes "College for All" won't be the mantra by the time the class of 2020 is ready for college. As our environment undergoes changes, so too must the methods and structure we employ to teach our youth to navigate it.  Will colleges keep up or will they continue to stay stuck in the past?  Unless they completely re-think their models, youth will be lured away by new income and actualization opportunities.

Here are five reasons why kids probably won't be going to college in 2020.

1. Prevalence of Teenage Millionaires
2. Distributed Distance Learning
3. Pervasive Education
4. Corporate Poachers
5. Enhanced Info Input

Read his explanations around each of these at his original post here

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