Friday, June 24, 2011

A Math Hater's Five Fav Math Resources

I took math in school, but never learned math and I still have nightmares about Algebra. Despite my distaste for the subject, there are some resources that I like.  Here they are. 

My top five fav math resources
1) Chat with others about math on Twitter with the tag #mathchat - I have had some lively debates doing this.
2) Lots of free and pretty good quality games with
3) This self-proclaimed "mathmusician" has a passion for math and helps others learn with passionate and witty delivery
4) Would kids rather learn math from a boring adult like Sal Kahn or other kids? If your answer is the latter, check out these "Mathcast" videos made by kids for kids at
5) I think this is my favorite math resource. Mathalicious teaches math using real world examples. Cool beans. That is what I needed if I were to learn math in school. Read all about it at

Those are my fav five. If you want more ideas visit

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  1. Thank you!
    I teach 8th grade math, and I have been getting a lot of benefit from your blog since I came across it last week!