Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How I Made Leaving School Work. Maybe You Can Too

Deven Black a successful grown high school “Opt Out” is a contributor to “The Teenager’s Guide to Opting Out of High School.” Deven recently shared his experience about when he decided high school was not the place for him on his blog.  

He explains it this way.  

I grew up in Manhattan and in late 1967, when I left school for the first time at age 14, Manhattan was, for me, a 12 mile long, 1.5 mile wide educational experience. A brief subway or bus ride could deliver me to any one of dozens of museums of art, natural history, craft or occupation. Or I would emerge from underground into what seemed like a different city where the people spoke Chinese, Italian, Spanish or Ukrainian and the foods in the restaurants were the best kind of spoon-fed learning.

Eugene McCarthy was emboldening and enlisting young people to become the driving force behind his idealistic campaign for the Presidency and against the Vietnam War. I had already worked on some political campaigns and, when the cold January winds blew, the NYC campaign headquarters at Columbus Circle became my second home; second even though I spent more time there than at my family’s apartment where I went only to sleep and shower.

Read the rest of his post on his blog here

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