Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Join The Innovative Educator in a Passion Driven Summer Book Club

I bought The Passion-Driven Classroom last month and regrettably I didn't finish reading it. Here's why.  For me, with the internet, reading has become a conversation.  I love to read, discuss, and write. Lately, I have found I'm less likely to finish books when I can't discuss it with others like I can online.  It's just not as much fun as the conversation that can happen when reading on the web.

Well, I'm soooo excited to share that Heidi Hayes Jacobs and her leadership team at The Curriculum 21 Ning have selected the The Passion-Driven Classroom for their summer book club study.  How awesome is that???!!!  I'll be able to read the book and have conversations with amazing educators like Heidi as well as the authors of the book.  I'm so excited.

It is free to participate in the book club.  It begins on June 14th, with a discussion about the Preface and Chapter One. I hope readers of this blog will join me in what promises to be a powerful conversation about the role passion plays in teaching, learning, and student achievement.

You can click here to join the group (and join the Curriculum 21 Ning) to take advantage of the reading and discussion opportunity! If you haven’t purchased the book, Eye on Education is giving book club members an exclusive 10% discount. Enter this code and it will enable you to purchase the print book, eBook, or the bundle pack. If you’re interested in multiple copies of the print or eBook, please contact Jon Rothman at for multiple copy discount information.

If you want to know more about the book, check out this review from The Blue Skunk Blog.

Note: Membership in the Curriculum 21 Ning is moderated. To become a member, you must register with a clearly identifiable education or education-related e-mail domain.

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