Thursday, June 9, 2011

iSchool Students Present TED - Style Talks about Issues Important to Them

jspevack Students at the iSchool will present TED - style talks on topics they care about ranging from the impact of natural disasters on the spread of HIV to is there a 'We' and 'Them' in terms of age of first marriage to the causes of high suicide rates in Japan.   These students are a part of the school’s Gapminder course led by Jesse Spevak.  The course is designed to help students develop a framework for asking questions based on data and then find answers to their own questions.  Students build their capacity to analyze data, research, write analytically, and speak publicly.

The students will be presenting their talks live on June 10th and 14th from 10am - 11am EST. You can find the talks live online at  You can learn more about the project on the school’s website here.  

Please watch the students and spread the word by inviting others to check these students out live.  You can do so by sending out a Tweet such as this one tomorrow morning before 10 a.m. "Let kids know u care abt what they say. Watch iSchool students do TED - like Talks live. Details @ #edchat"

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