Thursday, January 24, 2013

Embracing social media use in schools with a toolkit for administrators

Looks like more and more cities are following the lead of NYC and embracing the use of social media in schools. Most recently the Chicago Public Schools has put together toolkit of resources—video, documents, and links to other sites—for principals and staff who want to use social media to connect with their school communities. 

The toolkit, has useful resources that will be helpful regardless of what city or town you work in. It highlights creative and effective social media use by schools with a focus on Twitter and Facebook.

The toolkit includes:

  • A "Social Media Trailblazer" video series.
    • Sending mass text messages via Twitter
    • Teaching social media ettiquette
    • Managing a school Twitter page
  • Social media resources for Twitter and Facebook
  • Thought exercises for principals
  • Guidance on School Social Media for principals:
    • A school's principal is the only person with the authority to authorize an official school social media presence.
    • Principals who authorize a school presence on social media are ultimately responsible for its content and maintenance.
    • Principals who delegate all or part of maintaining their school's social media presence should think through their decisions carefully utilizing the resources in this toolkit, including the thought exercises below.

You can checkout the toolkit by visiting


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  3. This is great information. Teaching kids the right ways to use social media the way it can only be done by schools, is brilliant. They are going to use it anyways, sooner or later, giving them proper education about effective using social media and the do’s and don’ts can only be taught by a responsible person and principals equipped with this toolkit will surely be instrumental in effective social media use by kids.