Sunday, January 13, 2013

Union supports standardized tests boycott

The Seattle Times reports the teachers union  shares concerns the faculty at Garfield High has raised about district-required standardized tests.
As a result, the Garfield teachers announced that no teachers at the school would be giving the tests this winter, even though the district requires them to do so.  Nearly all the faculty signed a letter to the district saying they’re not against testing, but they think their standardized exams (MAP) is a flawed test that fails to help them or their students and waste valuable class time. It seems the innovative educators working in those schools know there are better ways to assess students

In the statement, Seattle Ed Association President Jonathan Knapp said he wants the district to set a date to stop using the MAP exams.  He also said that concerns over those tests are part of larger questions about the costs of testing, and how much time schools devote to it.The union listed these concerns:
  • The test does not line up with state standards.
  • The test does not line up with district curriculum.
  • The test takes valuable time away from student learning.
  • Many students do not take the test seriously.
  • The testing time frame takes valuable time away from students in the school being able to access computer labs and libraries for other projects.
  • The data obtained is of minimal use to teachers in planning lessons and meeting individual student needs.
And, there are even more concerns. Interested? Check them out here

The union backing is a huge step in the right direction that hopefully will pave the way and open the eyes of union presidents like Michael Mulgrew in New York City. The evidence against the effectiveness of these tests is undeniable. More unions must follow suit and take back our student's right to enjoy the freedom to learn without the burden of the standardized tests that are causing so many children great harm.


  1. Great post. It definitely was time someone stood up. I was always against wasting valuable class time and this indeed will prove to be a big step in the right direction for kids and teachers. I too am not against tests but this is a great step taken regarding standardized tests. Thank you very much for sharing this information.