Friday, January 25, 2013

Mainstream television features kids growing up without school

Dayna Martin is a mother of four who is raising her children without school, textbooks, standards, or a curriculum. Instead her children's passions, talents, and interests drive their learning.

Check out Dayna's interview below on the Jeff Probst Show as she explains why she's unschooling her kids, and what her role is in their development and education. 

For more information about Dayna, visit her website. To connect with other parents who are raising their children without school join this group. To connect with schoolfree teens join this group.


  1. Im a school principal and we strive to individualise learning in the way this mother is doing... as she says it isn't easy to resource for each child's interests and needs, but she is doing this in a hands-on authentic learning environment... well done her! education needs to have lots of engaging models, and home schooling is a genuine choice for those confident enough to do it.

    1. Thank you for sharing. When schools are able to bring lessons from unschooling to students, everyone wins.