Friday, July 22, 2016

11 Crucial Steps to @FacebookLive Your Next Presentation

If you're planning to Facebook Live your next presentation at an event for others who can't be there to enjoy, you just need to follow these steps.

  1. Image showing Facebook pre-live message
    More tips at
    Set Facebook Live up on the presenter phone a few minutes before the session starts. This includes making sure it is fully charged and connected to the internet.
  2. Tap “What's on your mind” at the top of News Feed.
  3. Select “Live Video” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Write a catchy description like the one in that photo to the right.
  5. Choose “Public” for your audience before hitting "Go Live."
  6. Ask a participant to tape you.
  7. Ask another participant to manage the livefeed which includes:
    • Posting the link in relevant places such as Twitter with the correct hashtag, backchannel conversation, relevant groups
    • Monitor / respond to comments
    • Include any relevant links or resources as they come up
    • Bring relevant comments or questions to your attention.  Bonus if you respond to Live commenters!
  8. Ask participants who don’t want to be filmed to sit in a particular section in the room.
  9. You'll see a three-second countdown before your broadcast begins!
  10. Go Live!
  11. When you're done signal the audience, say goodbye, and let them know where to find you next.


  1. Are you able to post a LIVE stream in a Group rather than in Public? Or are all streams Public? If Public, can you share or post the stream in a group?

    1. You select the audience for the livestream as you do regular posts i.e. public, friends, friends of friends or a particular list.

    2. This just in if you have a page: