Wednesday, July 20, 2016

5 Benefits of Having a Twitter Scavenger Hunt at Your Next Event

At this year's annual #NYCSchoolsTech Summit we are trying something new. We are going to have a Twitter Scavenger hunt inspired by the NYSCATE conference I attended where @Spiffwhitfield, @JenLaubscher, and @ransomtech manned the social media booth. Scavenger hunts serve many purposes. Here are just some of the benefits of conducting a Twitter Scavenger Hunt at your next conference, event, or celebration.

  1. It’s a fun way to support attendees in getting to know one another.
  2. It’s a terrific way to share ideas.
  3. It is an effective way to celebrate the great work of the educators in attendance.
  4. It helps attendees have a focused way to see what is taking place at the event.
  5. It provides an introduction and fun way to interact with some of the key players at the event.  

Below is our scavenger hunt.  Check it out and consider if this is something you might do at a future event.  


  1. Lisa,
    You indicate in your blog that the scavenger hunt is "below." However, I do not see it. Can you send me the link to the hunt. I am very interested in doing this with my faculty. Thanks so much.

    1. Ack. It looks like the embed code didn't take. Stay tuned, I will update soon.

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